5 ways to add life to your desk space

Savy Minimal Desk Idea

Hello, World!

Recently I have serious desk envy of some of the great Instagram and Pinterest accounts I follow! I decided to create my own virtual pretty desk space while mine is under construction! Virtual or real life here are five tips to add some life and color to your work area!

1.  Add a statement piece of art above your desk!

           Like that lovely pineapple print you see above, adding a colorful print or piece of art gives a nice focal point and is always so much fun. The only hard part is deciding what photo to choose! You can either paint your own, try target, hobby lobby, or if you want to invest try looking at places like Anthropologie. I found this wall art at Anthro and wish it was hanging above my desk!

2.  Spice up with a Scent

           Adding a home fragrance in the area will also create a perfect ambiance. Try a candle with a pretty jar or even a diffuser if you don't like to light candles. My favorite brand of candles are Capri Blue and I also love this Free People Candle !!

3.  Keep your actual desk clean and clutter free

           Honestly this might sound like a no-brainer but it can be hard to do. Keep your desk limited to four items max. A computer, a place for pens, and any other small desk accessories is all you need. If you need more items, add a floating shelf and put items there. A clean desk makes a happy #GIRLBOSS .

4. Make this small space comfy

            If you are comfortable you will be able to work longer without getting burned out! Add a comfortable rug under your desk or a stylish plush chair. I know, I know.. When you here rug and desk chair you think EXPENSIVE but really target and Ikea have wonderful deals, you just have to do your research.

5.  Add a Cactus (Either real or illustrated)

           YOU GET A CACTUS, and YOU GET A CACTUS... YOU ALL GET CATI. This is slightly a joke but you guys recently I have had an obsession with everything and anything CACTI. I feel like they add a wonderful flare and depending on the way you display it the possibilities are endless. A few of my favorite Cactus designers are Steffi Lynn and almost anybody on Etsy. Above I added my cactus flare with a tiny but noticeable Garland! I found a similar one on Etsy HERE ... I need one of these like yesterday.