Fun Friend Photoshoot On South Congress

Now, I know these days emails are viewed as a thing of the past but I recently received the greatest email ever:

Hi Alyssa, 


My name is Berna -- I work on the Community team at Instagram (I'm @heyberna), and when I was looking for photographers in Austin, a colleague of mine recommended you. Your work is gorgeous. Hope you're well!

My group of since-middle-school best friends and I are heading to Austin for Memorial Day weekend, and I would love to plan a surprise photo shoot for us while we're there. I'm not sure if the work you do encompasses "4 Basic Betches On Vacation Frolicking Around Austin Landmarks & Semi-Fake Laughing," but if you do, I'd love to ask about your availability! 

The only thing better than this amazing email is the perfect Basic Betch photoshoot that resulted! It was lovely getting to meet Berna and her friends from California, and being able to capture their friendship and beautiful personalities!