Florals | Wrap-Up Wednesday

If you couldn’t tell by my logo I am obssessed with FLORALS! For todays wrap-up Wednesday I’m doing a round up of my favorite bridal bouquet arrangements from the past few years!


Each bouquet represents the bride so well, from the whimesical arrangement Anthum made for Aly to the bright sunflower bunch that perfectly fits erins personality! Take a look below and comment what your favorite flower is below!

Top: HEB Florals | Bottom: Anthemum


Adding a locket or trinket personalizes your bouquet. In Sara’s bouquet she went a step further by adding a quote from her late Grandma Eloise’s. Everyday she would have tea at 5 o’clock, plus Sara also used her favorite colors as her wedding theme. Below Alyssa included a charm of her Grandparents to walk down the aisle with her.

Florals By: The Enchanted Florist

Neutrals or Vibrant Colors?


Sooo… what would you prefer? Bright, vibrant colors or would you go the more neutral route of light pinks and whites? Personally I am OBSESSED with jewel tone bouquets! Check out more of my favorite florals below! From florist Wild Bunch Florals and Silk, Ribbons, and Roses.



Thanks for reading along….